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Spare parts for pneumatic conveying systems and de-dusting filters

Our company is able to supply all spare parts and accessories that are  necessary for the operation of industrial filters and air transport/conveying networks.

In particular, we can offer:

  • Filter cages and filter bags in any fabric size and quality, suitable for each type of bag filter.
  • Cartridges of all sizes
  • Filter valves and replacement membranes
  • Valve control panels with differential pressure control and 4-20 mA analog output.
  • Spark detection and extinguishing devices in wiping networks
  • Explosive membranes and filter protection systems from an explosion
  • Dust collection control instruments at the filters outlet
  • Butterfly valves and valves of all sizes
  • Airways networks with one input and multiple outputs
  • Pipe hooks for air transport networks
  • Rotary valves suitable for extraction of filter or silo materials or for connection to an air transport network
  • Maximum and minimum level indicators
  • Vibrating cones and accessories to facilitate extraction of materials that are difficult to flow from the silos cones.
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