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PnM Engineering Industrial solutions

P&M ENGINEERING was established on 2003 in Greece and since then it evolved into an international company providing industrial solutions to countries all over the world

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Βιομηχανικά φίλτρα

Industrial de-dusting filters

PnM Engineering is more than capable to construct all types of self-cleaning industial filters, based on designs adopted to our customer's needs, both in terms of size and functionlaity.

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Εγκαταστάσεις πνευματικής διακίνησης υλικών (αερομεταφορές)

Pneumatic conveying systems (air transfers)

Our company, using its experise and in cooperation with accredited international companies, is capable of undertaking the design, the delivery, observation and fine-tuning of all types of pneumatic conveying systems that are used  in various industries such as plastics, aggregates, food, chemicals, etc

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Αποσμήσεις - πλυντηρίδες αερίων - βιολογικές πλυντηρίδες - βιόφιλτρα

Industrial deodorization, wet scrubbers, biofilters

In order to complement our services at the fields of environmental protection, and especially at the fields of particle confinement systems using de-destung filters, cyclones etc., PnM Engineering and its partners undertake the design and construction of web scrubbers.

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Μεταφορικές ταινίες, κοχλίες, αναβατόρια

Industrial conveyor belts, lifts and material transfer systems

Our company has remarkable expertise in designing and supplying industrial material transfer systems at very competitive prices, that fully meet any operational need.

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Βιομηχανικοί Ανεμιστήρες

Industrial fans

Our company can supply all kinds of industrial fans, ranging from small flow rates of less than 1,000 m3/h to higher than 100,000 m3/h, at static pressures of up to 16,000 Pa.

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Εξαρτήματα  αερομεταφορών – ανταλλακτικά φίλτρων

Spare parts for pneumatic conveying systems and de-dusting filters

Our company is able to supply all spare parts and accessories that are  necessary for the operation of industrial filters and air transport/conveying networks.

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Βιομηχανικός εξαερισμός

Industrial ventilation, air and gas purification and filtering systems

Our company boasts an extensive experience in the design and implementation of large industrial ventilation projects.

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